The Numerous Benefits of DIY Photo Booths

DIY photo booths add some flair and excitement to any event. Whether it’s a wedding, a birthday or a simple family gathering, the photo booth increases interactivity and gives guests something fun and emotional to take home.

Setting up a DIY photo booth is a relatively easy endeavor. Here are the main reasons why having one is a good idea.

Uncomplicated Setup

A phone app and a smartphone or tablet with a good camera will be sufficient to set up a photo booth for all kinds of events.

There are dozens of online instructionals and tutorials that outline the most important steps. Usually, DIY photo booths require only basic materials to be created.

Anyone wondering about what it would take, here are some of the main DIY photo booth setup steps:

  • Find the right place for the booth
  • Create the DIY backdrop (usually the most time-consuming task, depending on theme and preferences)
  • Add some lights to brighten the backdrop
  • Set up a camera or a phone on a tripod
  • Depending on the specifics, get a photographer or a photo booth app that will allow for the automatic capture of pictures

Various types of software products exist to automate the process. Some of these are free, some will cost a small charge. Still, this kind of setup tends to be fairly affordable. Which brings us to the next point:

A Cost-Efficient Party Solution

DIY photo booths are much more affordable than hiring professionals for the party or renting an actual photo booth.

The complexity of the setup will determine how much the installation is going to cost. Anyone who has DIY supplies and backdrop materials will reduce the expenses linked to the setup significantly.

The average cost of photo booth rental in the US is anywhere between 200 and 300 dollars per hours. In the case of a day-long event (like a wedding, for example), that will add up to quite a lot of money.

Setting up DIY photo booths allows for a lot more flexibility in terms of cost. Usually, props and decorations have to be bought for an event. Many of these can also be utilized for the photo booth setup. The only additional expenses will be linked to getting software for the camera, lights and photo printing.

Unparalleled Versatility and Flexibility

Setting up a DIY photo booth puts the event organizer in charge of the experience.

There are so many ways to customize the booth and make it fun to use.

Props, DIY photo frames and digital photo filters can all be applied for a more unique and personalized outcome.

The size of the DIY photo booth and the specifics of the backdrop are also limited solely by imagination.

Photo booths for rental usually come with a few fixed options clients can choose among. In contrast, a DIY photo booth allows for a much more wholesome experience in line with event specifics.

A Little Bit of Planning Goes a Long Way

Anyone can set up a photo booth for their event. No photographic experience will be required to make the plan work, as long as a bit of preliminary planning goes into the process.

It’s a good idea to set up the photo booth a few days in advance and test the quality of the outcome. A couple of tweaks and adjustments will result in amazing pictures, no matter the light conditions and the party specifics. Doing the homework in advance is easier than ever before. DIY photo booths have gained a lot of popularity through the years, which is why extensive guides, tutorials and manuals are very easy to find.

Simple Tips for Setting Up DIY Photo Booths

Simple Tips for Setting Up DIY Photo Booths

The photo booth (known as photomaton at the time) was patented for the first time in 1925. Ever since those early days, it’s become an integral part of events and celebrations. Bringing a rented photo booth to an occasion ensures interactivity and a lot of fun for the guests.

Renting a photo booth, however, can be quite expensive.

Luckily, new technology has enabled the easy setup of a DIY photo booth. Creating a photo booth will necessitate limited supplies and almost no technical knowledge. Here are the main steps that have to be followed to get the DIY photo booth in place.

DIY Photo Booths: Location Matters

Once an event venue has been chosen, the right spot will need to be selected for photo booth setup.

It’s usually best to position DIY photo booths in spots that are readily visible. Having guests knowing that a photo booth is available as soon as they enter the venue allows for maximum engagement.

The spot should also be big enough, properly lit and it should allow for the installation of all the required equipment.

Backdrop Selection and Props

The quality of the pictures produced in a DIY photo booth depends on several things. The camera or smartphone utilized, the light and the ambiance will all need to work together.

Selecting the right backdrop is one of the most important setup decision.

A good backdrop should enforce the theme of the event and it should also create an illusion. It’s the perfect tool that can be used to transport event attendees to a certain location or create a fantasy world.

Apart from the backdrop, it’s also a good idea to add some props and additional supplies in line with the event theme. Cardboard photo frames, hats, fake moustaches, glasses and even entire costumes can be included in the setup.

The Right Photographic Equipment

Obviously, a DIY photo booth will need the right kind of photographic equipment to yield good results.

Some types of optical equipment and other supplies will be considered absolutely essential.

At the very minimum, you will need a good camera or a smartphone, a tripod and external flashes to properly illuminate the photo booth.

Photo booth software will also be essential, allowing guests to snap pictures on their own.

Many such apps and programs can be discovered online. These are compatible with various kinds of devices and some of them are available for free. Even if the app itself is paid or it involves additional purchases, getting such tools will be much more cost-efficient than renting an actual photo booth for an event.

Photo Printing and Sharing Options

Will DIY photo booths produce a digital outcome or photo prints?

That depends on the preferences of the event organizer.

If pictures are going to be printed on-demand, a printer and some high quality photo paper will be required.

The other option is the digital sharing of event pictures. Some DIY photo booth apps allow for the social media sharing of pictures. This is a fun little feature to use for the creation of a digital album everyone will get to enjoy.

DIY photo booths offer a lot of flexibility. Through numerous personalization options, the setup can be customized to meet the tone of the event and give guests everything required to be entertained throughout the night.

What is a selfie station?

A selfie station is an internet-connected, touch-screen camera kiosk that is designed for individuals or groups to take and share photos, often with value-added lighting, backdrops or take-away prints. In many ways, selfie stations the next evolution of photo booths for the modern era.

How much does a magic mirror photo booth cost?

Are you looking for a unique, one-of-a-kind photobooth experience? The Magic Mirror Selfie Photo Booth is a unique event experience based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with affordable pricing starting at $799. This is the perfect way to send your guests home with a good memory from your wedding.

What is a mirror photo booth?


Allow guests to sign their photos directly on the booth then place the signature anywhere on their custom photo template. ANIMATED GIFS. Wow your guests with the option to have animated GIFs shared instantly to their email, text or social platforms.

How much is a 360 photo booth?

The 360 Spin Booth | 360 Slow Motion Video Booth – Pricing begins at $1000 + tax- for a 2 hour rental Includes the booth, 2 attendants, props for all to use, copies of all digital files, and the ability to share slow motion files with guests via text message, airdrop or email. Current Special – get one free extra hour with a two hour rental.

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